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'D'You Remember Yer Man?' - signed copy

Image of 'D'You Remember Yer Man?' - signed copy


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From lovable oddballs and quirky miscreants to out-and-out chancers and the certifiably insane, the streets of Dublin have been filled with an eclectic cast of characters through the years...

Aided by comic illustrations from Ruan van Vliet, Bobby Aherne relates the stories of over 100 of the city’s most eccentric inhabitants – the likes of Bang Bang and Hairy Yank, Shellshock Joe and Endymion.

The resulting anecdotes are often hilarious and other times tragic, but always fascinating, providing an insight into the people who have passed into Dublin Folklore.

"A catalogue of outsiders that most fiction writers would reject as beyond the bounds of credibility...a charming book." - Books Ireland

"Completely fascinating... a delightful portrait of Dublin's most famous characters." - Irish Voice